Sean Foley: critics must put a stop to their destructive criticism towards Tiger Woods.

Sean Foley: critics must put a stop to their destructive criticism towards Tiger Woods.

Sean Foley, coach of Tiger Woods, had a burst out today in an interview with the host of a radio program Matt Adams. Foley says that there was enough of criticism and Tiger Woods have had enough of days of suffering for his past deeds. Now it is time for people to stop and let the man have some peace. He has a very prestigious position in the game of golf and this must not be mixed up with his personal life and the related scandals.

Foley said in the interview, “I believe every one has their own work and now I think they have discussed enough and must put a stop to it. People must not try to bring down the golfer Tiger woods and mix him up with the Tiger Woods as a man. I think the criticisms are getting beyond the tolerance limit now.”

The Golfer, Tiger Woods have been in the limelight and under immense pressure of destructive criticism since his attainment of the winner’s title in the PGA Tour. The critics got more indulgence when his scandalous personal life got revealed few years back. The extramarital affair he was having made him sacrifice not only his married life but also his career and image as a person.

Even though after the scandal and the blow at his personal life, he had been putting up good performance but the critics are more attentive on his behavior rather than his performance. He was found kicking his golf club when he missed a shot; this again created a stir of criticism. Tiger Woods after the game said, “I am really sorry if I had offended anyone with my actions out of frustration during the game.”

Foley has been associated with the player for about 2 years now, since 2010. Tiger Woods is turning round with his performances as the aftermath of the scandal affected his performance and career badly. Foley emphasized in his speech, “He is a very good man with wonderful qualities. He may have had a rough and a personal life with flaws, but people must stop criticizing and judging him by his past actions now. It has been more than a year now. This is getting intolerable even for me.”

Tiger’s performance in the ongoing season at the masters was under scrutiny of the critics as well. He finished off with a highest score even though he missed a shot thrice and kicked his golf club out of frustration. Most of the people are taking about this and not about his performance. This is really disappointing according to his swing coach Sean Foley.