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Saturday, July 28th, 2007

The demand for essential oils and oleoresins in products from food to fragrances has generated a $588.4 million industry, and is expected to reach $859.6 million in 2013.

At the same time, because of difficulty in procuring raw material and narrowing profit margins, many manufacturers are turning to synthetic and “nature-identical” flavourings and fragrances for their low cost and “consistent flavour profile.”

“The key factor driving growth in the U.S. essential oils and oleoresins markets is the changing consumer preference towards natural ingredients, especially in the wake of increasing incidences of neuro-degenerative diseases,” observes Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Sneha Pasricha. “Essential oils and oleoresins are exclusively of natural origin and the growing consumer perception that ‘natural products are safe and healthy’ is being further bolstered by well-known scientific institutions as well as the media.”

Furthermore, essential oils and oleoresins are being increasingly utilized in beverages, confectionery, savory, and niche markets like nutraceuticals. The fast growing beverage application segment is the major application area for essential oils and in a bid to capitalize on the trend toward flavored beverages, manufacturers in the beverage segment are quickly developing offerings such as flavored waters, soft drinks, health drinks, fruit-based drinks, and even flavored alcoholic and tea-based drinks. This apart, fragrance applications are also expected to spur demand for essential oils.

Read the whole article.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

A new book set to be published later this month in Great Britain claims that the British government is misleading people about its infant vaccination program.

The book, The Truth About Vaccines, by Dr. Richard Halvorsen, claims that “there are unfounded claims about [vaccines''] safety and effectiveness and I believe [the vaccinations] may be doing potentially serious harm to hundreds if not thousands of children every year.”

As an example, Dr. Halvorsen says a brand of MMR was brought on the market even though the Government was aware of its dangers. It was withdrawn four years later after increasing reports of deaths and brain damage.

He says risks have not been properly assessed because, unlike drugs, vaccines in Britain do not have to undergo proper long-term safety trials.

Read the whole article for more information on the additives and possible dangers associated with infant vaccinations.

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Sugar free. Caffeine free. Transfat free. And now, ladies and gentlemen, “China-Free”. Hardly a natural progression, I know, but it is here, nonetheless.

You’ve no doubt heard by now the almost weekly reports of contaminated products, from toothpaste to dog food, coming out of China. And to assuage your fears…

A U.S. health food company will label its products “China-Free”.

Food for Health International, based in Orem, Utah, makes whole food nutritional supplements for people and pets, and President Frank Davis said the company will begin trumpeting the fact none of its ingredients come from China.

Plans call for a “China-Free” sticker on products such as Food for Health’s “9 a Day-Plus” capsules, “Active Adults” whole food shakes and “Healthy Dog” supplements. The company also will use “China-Free” in advertisements and promotions. Read more.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I came across this press release this morning thinly veiled as news, as is often the case for a “Wellness Index Test”. This test purports to measure isoprostanes, the byproducts of free radicals, in your system. This is ostensibly to check if your antioxidants are doing their job.

What arouses my suspcion is that if — or rather, when — the test indicates high levels of free radicals in your system, the very company that markets the test, and performs the testing,

“has an easy, verifiable solution: MeridiumXN(TM), an antioxidant antidote to metabolic stress.”

I would probably have more confidence in the test if it were somehow independent of the “solution”.

Did I mention you have to mail them your urine? The post office wanted me to remind you to be sure the lid is tight.

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