It’s a High-prestige, Low-pressure Business where Members can make you wealthy while learning to improve their health, heal themselves, and prevent disease for themselves and their loved ones, without medicine, herbs, or surgery

How Much Can You Earn?
Each HealthiLifer Wellness Club aims for 200 active members as its first goal. That number will produce a monthly net income of $10,000.00 for you as the Club Director. That’s a yearly net income of $120,000.00. If you are now earning less than $100,000.00 a year, you should look very seriously into becoming a Club Director. (We require the Club Director to operate the business full-time.)

What’s a HealthiLifer Wellness Club?
A HealthiLifer Wellness Club is the friendly, supportive, neighborhood organization where members learn how to improve their health, heal themselves, and prevent disease for themselves and their loved ones, without medicine, herbs, or surgery - while making you wealthy. (The HealthiLifer Wellness Club was founded by a Medical Doctor who is also a Neurosurgeon.)

The Neurosurgeon provides the health information, which you give to the members. Chenax Majesty IP, Inc., a New York City-based corporation, provides the business system, the products, and the administrative backing.

It’s a Business Based On Medical Research
Years ago, Dr. Uche Akwuba, LCE, the New York City-trained Neurosurgeon, began extensive, in-depth medical research into do-it-yourself health improvement and disease prevention. He says: “My efforts were soon rewarded with remarkable and surprising discoveries. I named my research discoveries Good Health Principles. Today, people like you, who will become HealthiLifer Wellness Club Directors, will teach the same Good Health Principles at their own HealthiLifer Wellness Clubs.”

Required Investment
The required investment is only $15,000. People are surprised that such a low investment can yield such a high net income. But that is the unique beauty of a HealthiLifer Wellness Club business. There''s nothing else quite like it. Plus it’s high-prestige, and low-pressure.

Your low investment covers your training in New York City, your business equipment, your starting inventory, your business registration with government authorities, advertising in appropriate newspapers to bring in new members, and your website. (Financing is available too!)

Protected Territory
Since the HealthiLifer Wellness Club is a neighborhood organization, we permit only one Club in a neighborhood that can supply at least 1,000 active members. This policy gives you a very strong foundation for future growth. We also prefer the Club Director to be a resident of the community.

Club Director’s Qualification

1. A High School Diploma - or better.
2. Solid ability to read out loud.
3. Outgoing personality.
4. Twenty-five years of age - or older.
5. Genuine interest in Good Health.
6. Genuine desire to help people.
7. Unshakable commitment to telling the truth, no matter what.
8. Ability to devote full-time attention to the business.
9. Your own Driver License and a dependable access to a reliable car.

The Club Director does not have to be a health professional. The Good Health Principles, which a HealthiLifer Wellness Club is authorized to teach, is information supplied or approved by a neurosurgeon. Dr. Uche Akwuba, LCE, the neurosurgeon, says: “As a surgeon, I know you’ll be amazed at how well the body will heal itself, if given a chance. It will be your business, as a Club Director, to show your Club Members how to give their bodies the chance. We teach you what to do.”

To Apply For This Opportunity

Please write: General Manager
HealthiLifer Wellness Club Department
Empire State Building, Suite 3304
350 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10118-0069

This web page is not a solicitation of you, nor it it an invitation or an offer to you to open a HealthiLifer Wellness Club. This is strictly for information only in exercise of the Right of Free Speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. This web page is void in its entirety if it does not comply with all applicable laws in the jurisdiction. The HealthiLifer Wellness Club is not a franchise.

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