Obesity And Genetics

Obesity And Genetics

Can egg donor’s parents pass down obesity or other disorders?

From my college days and a study of Genetics, I remember traits, etc. that can be dominant and others that can skip a generation.
I may consider becoming a parent using an egg donor. Could the donor be height weight proportionate but her biological child be obese from her parents?
I’ve seen overweight couples with overweight children. Is it a “like” behavior thing?
well, the surrogacy clinic just told me they provide all data, height and weight and medical for the parents of the donor, so those records should prevent traits that might skip generations.

Obesity isn’t genetic. However, if the donor has thyroid problems, a genetic disorder, or a slow metabolism, then there is a chance.

In most cases, children imitate their parent’s eating habits, leading to obesity. If you raise them in a healthier environment, I doubt they will be obese.

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