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Posts Tagged ‘best latest skin care tips product’

4 natural skin care tips

When we talk about skin care, the first thing that comes to mind is the consumer product. Most of us believe on some excellent skin care products on the market that they can solve our skin care problems. Although great numbers of synthetic products do have their place, there are numbers of things for natural skin care can do on us to guarantee that our skin stay healthy and loveliness.

The real power of water - We always heard that it’s recommended to drink upwards of 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Why? In fact, water is vital to get purge off extra toxins in our body that can have an effect on our health as well as the state of our skin.

An exfoliation element - When drying brush exfoliation is properly used on our skin, it can stimulate detoxification, remove dead skin cells, increase lymph node function and improve blood circulation. This is often overlooked. So, please stay alerts any of our skin healthy since it’ll reflect our health state.

Good diet - In fact, a healthy diet should affect our skin health. Recently, scientist stated that common sugar is linked to aging process. They said, during the process, it can damage the collagen in skin, ligaments and cartilage. So, the best choice is avoiding sugar or replaces it with natural sources of sugar.

Having vital fat - Some of fats are essential for our body to stay health because they vital in tissue and cells development such as cell membranes and hormones. So, we should start to get good sources of fat such as walnut oil, flax seed oil, salmon and sardines.

In conclusion, I suggest consulting your physician before planning and changing any significant lifestyle. If you have comments or any opinion, just drop it in the comment section below. Stay health!