Lean Healthcare certification, facilitation, and training

Lean Healthcare certification, facilitation, and training

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John Coleman MBA MSc FRSA - Director

John’s career spans a number of industrial, commercial and public sectors where he has led major change activity at senior management, Director and Board levels. Drawing on both past experience, as well as his current research thinking, John brings the application of systems redesign and innovation to Alturos and its clients. Email John Coleman

Tim Franklin MBA FRSA MIOM - Director

Tim has gathered broad experience in senior roles within large American and UK based organisations. Complementing this background is Tim’s experience in start-up organisations. Emerging from Tim’s diverse experience is his specialist skill within continuous improvement and organisational culture. Tim has authored a number of articles and books on the subject of transformational change within organisations.Email Tim Franklin

Alison Taylor BA (Hons) - MAAT Company Secretary

Alison has spent her working life in private banking and accountancy, and manages the company’s financial affairs and accounting. In addition to her practical experience of organisational life, Alison has studied business and psychology. This gives her an excellent grounding for the work she undertakes for Alturos and its clients.

Andrew Barton BSc, DipHSW - Business Development ManagerAndrew graduated with a degree in Social Science. This has provided him with a strong understanding of social and political dynamics within organisations and how these forces can affect change programmes and organisational performance.

Andrew works with prospective clients before, during and after change programmes. In designing change programmes for clients, particular attention is given to their unique circumstances, so that the particular programme formulated delivers tangible results against the organisation’s key performance indicators. Providing a substantial return on client investment is paramount. Email Andrew Barton

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