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Canada is best known for its forests, national parks, lakes and mountains. Take advantage of that. Loosing weight in Canada should be an adventure. Let the outdoors be your gym; it''s accessible, keeps you active and of course, there''s no monthly fee!

Skiing: Skiing is a great winter sport, it incorporates cardio with strength training, but it''s fun for the whole family! If you''re a beginner, take a few lessons with friends or alone, have fun with it! If you''re advanced, teach your kids how to ski or go on a romantic ski trip in Whistler, you''ll be combining what you love with physical activity. One tip: try and avoid the chalet''s unhealthy meal plan, try and pack a lunch!

Skating: If you''re looking to lose weight in Canada, skating should be at the top of your list. It''s the cheaper alternative to outdoor winter sports. Once you own skates, there''s not much expense involved. It''s a great cardio exercise and an adorable idea for a winter date night! Find a local park that turns its soccer field into a skating rink in the winter months and do some skating with friends or with your iPod a few times a week! Just don''t fall!

Hiking: Don''t worry, we know it''s a cliché to think that every Canadian is an avid hiker, and each Canadian town is surrounded by hillside. The fact is that Canada is full of beautiful landscape and green space, which makes hiking (or "walking" as it''s most often called) that much more enjoyable and accessible. Hiking is undoubtedly a great way to lose weight in Canada. Take your dog or family on a full-day hike; pack a picnic and bring a camera, you''ll be sure to make some memories while keeping active.

Swimming: If you''re a true Canadian, you surely own a country house/cottage or a family member/friend does. If so, you have access to a beautiful lake full of fitness possibilities. Dive in and do a lap around an island or just gossip while tredding water. It may surprise you to know that swimming is one exercise that strengthens and works out almost every muscle in your body. If you have access to a pool, that''s just as good for laps!

Biking: Biking is a great summer night activity for the whole family or for a refreshing end to the day. Also, if you''re planning a trip to Europe or Alberta, for example, do some research on Bike Tours. Bike Trips are a great way to learn about a culture and experience its countryside...you''ll also be keeping active so you can eat that decadent restaurant food!

By incorporating a balanced diet and an all-natural diet pill, you''ll quickly be on your way to reaching your ideal weight.

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